Who are we?

Established in 2016, CEMCODA is a performing arts production agency based in Montreal. At CEMCODA, we strive to produce high quality events in a variety of genres in Eastern Canada. Led by Chunsil Bak and engineered by her long experience in producing performances in Eastern Canada.

K-Elements is a project series launched by CEMCODA in 2018, which brings Korean culture to the Canadian audience. K-Elements begins its series with Drop the Beat, a two-show production comprising of Korean HipHop dance in Montreal. K-Elements is a series of diverse genres, allowing to display CEMCODA team’s experience in performance production, merging it with the Korean cultural background the team bases on. The CEMCODA team plans to produce events in not only contemporary K-POP events, but also Classics, Culinary, Cinematography, and many others.


Previous Performances